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Individual career coaching

Strategic Career Planning: A one-hour session where I work with you to:

  • Develop SMART goals for your career

  • Define key milestones to achieve your goals

  • Provide resources to support your job search journey

This is ideal for folks beginning their career for the first time or jumping back into the workforce after several years.


Resume Revamp: I will rewrite your resume to quantify your experience and focus on the impact. You will receive:

  • An ATS-compliant resume 

  • Achievement-based keyword writing

  • Tailored to the industry and the job you're applying for

Interview Prep: One-hour interview prep and 30-minute mock interview with feedback.

  • Be able to confidently and concisely answer general, behavioral, and situational interview questions

  • Develop an action plan for what to do before and immediately after your interviews

  • Applied to a specific job? Customize interview questions based on industry/role


$150 per session


I design custom career development workshops on request for organizations. Some previous examples include:

  • Resume 

    • ​Write effective bullet points that quantify your experience and impact

    • Learn how to design and format a resume from scratch properly

  • Interview Prep

    • Learn the STARR method to answer behavioral questions​

    • Action plan for before and after the interview

    • Be able to talk about yourself and your experience confidently

  • Professionalism & Work Etiquette 

    • Best practices ​on the job

    • Onboarding tips: Your first 30, 60, 90 days 

    • Corporate email etiquette 

  • Networking​

    • How to build and maintain professional relationships throughout your career​

    • Making the most out of professional events in and outside the workplace

    • Best practices when attending office happy hours/outings


These workshops are usually designed for folks in their early career journey (< 5 years experience).

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You've heard about what I do and would like me to speak to your community or organization for an event. Let's connect and see if our focuses align.

Have questions?

Book a free discovery call with me to learn more about whether my services are right for you.
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