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I'm Rychelle {she/her}.

I'm the founder of Clever Whimsy, with 8+ years of helping folks find full-time jobs and navigate their early career journey. I specialize in workshop facilitation, individual coaching, and program development. Outside of work, I enjoy swimming (or just dancing in the water), drawing, and gaming.

FYI: My name is pronounced like Michelle but with an R

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About me

Who I Am: a whimsical black woman who loves to laugh, and I laugh loud…very loud! I also firmly believe employers need to pay their employees more—especially their BIPOC, LGBTQIAA+ employees, entry-level employees, and employees not earning living wages.

What I do: I facilitate professional development workshops for individuals and organizations. I have 8+ years of experience helping recent First-generation college graduates secure full-time employment and growing their social capital.


Why do I do what I do: The career journey is tangled, complex, and— in some cases, lonely. I work to help BIPOC folx successfully navigate their early career journey. I think about my career and how much of it was rooted in white supremacy culture, how many unnecessary difficult trials and tribulations I went through because I didn’t initially have a support system to go to for guidance. What would it look like if more folx launching their careers didn’t have to go through all that and could secure the bag and live their best lives?

What I want:  I’m at a point now, living my best life so far. However, it’s not enough. I think about my time with past employers, and nothing brings me more joy than knowing others are also living their best lives. Did you become a new homeowner? Became a new parent? Did you get a promotion and negotiate a higher salary? Used all your Professional Development funds and took paid leave? Are you now debt-free? I want all the blessings and good things for y’all too. 

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